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 We at ROC Photographic Printing make sure to stress quality over price. That is why we have invested numerous hours evaluating our production and material costs. We studied the pricing and quality of dozens of print labs in North America to draw a base standard for price per unit (8x10 color print). We looked into different print materials such as canvas, vinyl, trader cards, and buttons just to name a few, and our study was very conclusive that low cost equals low inconsistent quality. Free shipping equals slightly higher unit prices and as with every product sold around the world, the advertised price may not always be what you are getting (tiered pricing). That is why at ROC we strip free shipping, tiered price schedules and all the marketing tricks that lead you to believe you are getting a great deal. We keep it simple and consistent so that we can place our focus on making quality prints for all of our clients. We do NOT make money on shipping, our shipping rates for the materials and shipping charges. In conclusion, our print prices are slightly lower then the national average and our quality are that of the fine art print houses across the country. All current prices will be found in our ROES software, download our software to view all current prices.