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ROC Photographic Printing Coroplast

Custom design your sign size or use one of our configurations

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Just like every other product at ROC Photographic Printing, our pricing is straight forward with no hidden charges. Our signs are printed on a 48x96 inch 4 MM Coroplast sheet. How you fill it out is up to you! 1 color, 3 color or 4 colors it makes no difference to us (the most common size is 18x24, that's 8 signs per sheet). Your cost is $90.00 for single-sided print or $110.00 for double-sided print (cutting is always included for free). We offer guidelines and suggestions with our software or create your custom size, whatever makes your business work! Additionally, we offer step steaks (if needed) for $1.50 each. Quanity Pricing 10 sheets or more $80.00 single sided $100.00 double sided.

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